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Online Safety Tips From the Mouths of Teens (The Real Experts)

Safety Tips From the Mouths of Teens (The Real Experts)

While we have more extensive safety tip lists in Parry's book, here is a summarized version of the tips we thought were most important! As Teenangels, safety is our biggest concern. So here are some tips and ideas that we and others have to share. Some of the best suggestions come from TEENS, just like you! If you have a safety tip or story of something that has happened to you and how you handled it, please send it to us. We would love to hear from you!

Thoughts for Parents, Teens and Kids from the Teenangels

Parents: Don't be afraid of the Internet. It's an extremely useful tool and can't be dismissed because it is new and sometimes confusing. The Internet can be an excellent way for you and your children to bond and share a common interest. Be open with your kids and get involved. Most of all, learn all that you can about being safe, keeping your child safe, and taking advantage of the Internet's myriad uses. Tell your children not to be afraid to come to you with problems of any kind.

Teenagers: Although the Internet is a great way to meet new people, do research, and chat with friends, there are dangers. Be aware of these dangers. Always use common sense. Although you may think that bad things won't happen to you, they most certainly can. Be open with your parents about what you do online. Don't meet people offline that you met online! Make sure a site is secure and trustworthy before giving in your personal information. Obey the law and don't steal music, motion pictures and software! Balance the time you spend online and offline. Remember your friends in real life and don't take them for granted. Go outside and enjoy life beyond cyberspace.

Kids: While it's great to chat with people in kid-safe chat rooms online, you should spend time with friends in real life. School, family, and friends should always come before the Internet. Always tell your parents about what you do online. Let them sit with you, and teach them about the Internet. When they do sit with you, don't get mad at them. Just know they care about you and don't want to see you hurt in any way. Always remember that people online don't always tell the truth. Don't give out a lot of information about yourself. If anything bad ever happens to you on the Internet, always tell your parents or someone you trust. Always remember that it's never your fault.

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