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10th Annual WiredKids Summit

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Teenangels Trailer

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Teenangels / Internet Safety / Social Networks

Social Networks

Quick tips for keeping yourself safe on social networks

  • Put everything behind password protected walls, where only friends can see
  • Protect your password and make sure you really know who someone is before you allow them onto your friends list
  • Blur or morph your photos a bit so they won't be abused by cyberbullies or predators
  • Don't post anything your parents, principal or a predator couldn't see
  • What you post online stays online - forever - so, ThinkB4uClick!
  • Don't so or say anything online you wouldn't say offline
  • Protect your privacy and your friends' privacy too...get their okay before posting something about them or their pic online
  • Check what your friends are posting/saying about you. Even if you are careful, they may not be and may be putting you at risk.
  • That cute fourteen year old boy may not be cute, may not be fourteen and may not be a boy! You never know!
  • And, unless you’re prepared to attach your MySpace to your college, job, internship, scholarship or sports team application, don’t post it publicly!
Screenshot: The You Never Know animation series.
You Never Know!
Screenshot: The You Never Know animation series.

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