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Image: The Ninth Annual WiredKids Summit
The 9th Annual WiredKids Summit

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Cool Things We Do
Teenangels are always busy doing something; here are a few of the projects (and adventures) they have been involved with.

A gallery of images featuring Teenangels.

Articles [Full Index]
Accounts of online experiences and useful Internet safety advice, written by Teenangels, such as:

  • The True Confessions of an Entirely Amiable Stalker by Teenangel Lisa
    There's something you should know. It's time for me to confess a past filled with aggressive behaviors, voyeurism, and the emotional exploitation of an unknowing, unwilling victim. I feel compelled to share with you the details of my cyberstalking days to make you realize how easy and exciting it is, and that it not only could, but might have already happened to you. More >>
  • Presentation Experience at Monmouth County by Esther and Jenna
    On Wednesday, October 19, 2005, my Teenangel friend, Jenna, and I presented in front of 175 law enforcements about cyberbullying. During that time I felt a great amount of achievement. At that time, I knew I was doing something good and I was proud of myself for going in front of that many people and making a presentation that I didn't even prepare for. More >>

Chat Translator
The Teenangels have developed the Teenangels Chat Translator.

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