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Making the Internet a Safer Place

The Internet can be an extremely useful tool. However, sometimes it is misused and taken advantage of. As Teenangels, our job is to help spread ideas about how to keep the Internet safe for everyone who uses it. This means we try to eliminate cyberbullying by advocating good usage of the Internet.

Cyberbullying is anything, whether intentional or unintentional, that puts someone at risk, excludes someone from an online resource, or using the Internet in a way that will endanger that person either physically or emotionally. To put a stop to this, we encourage Internet users to follow a few key suggestions that will prevent online problems and potential cyberbullying.

The first tip is to Stop, Block and Tell. This means that if someone has sent you a message you should stop what you are doing, block that person immediately and tell a trusted adult. This will prevent you from saying something back and becoming a cyberbully yourself.

Another way to prevent cyberbullying is to ThinkB4uClick!. You should remember that anything that is posted on the Iinternet will remain there forever and it’s important not to send anything that you would want to recieve. Also, keep in mind that while the Internet is a useful way of communicating, many things could be misinterpreted because the recipient cannot hear the tone of your voice. That is why it is extremely important to make your message clear and also to re- read whatever you are about to send.

Lastly, we advise Internet users not to respond rashly by Taking 5!. When you walk away from the computer for 5 minutes it allows you to cool off without overreacting or reacting too quickly. Doing things like playing basketball or reading for a little bit can help to get your mind off of the Internet and allow you to relax. By practicing any of these things you can avoid becoming a cyberbully or prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

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