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Cyberbullying by Teenangel Jenna

Being cyberbullied really hurt me, not physically, but emotionally. That year was my lost year. But the thing that was hurting me the most was that it was my best friend on the other line of the computer cyber bullying me. She would send me mean, horrible, heartbreaking emails. And, she would make fun of me at school, and turned all my closest friends against me, wouldn't let me talk to them.

For two weeks I had no friends, no people to sit with at lunch. I had to change my email address, but then she found it out, and the torture never stopped. Then her sister started sending me horrible emails too, so now I was being double cyberbullied! But then my new friend taught me how to block e-mails, so I blocked her e-mails out, but I still felt horrible at school. I would cry from pain. These days it isn't that bad, but the girl who was doing this to me said that if I hung out with one of my friends ( who was her friend too ), she would do something really bad to me, so I didn't hang out with her anymore. Now, we hang out because she found out why I wasn't hanging out with her any more and trying to avoid her.

This experience really changed my life, because I realized that you can't always trust your friends who don't respect you, weren't there for you, and that so many other kids suffer this, and they get hurt from it. I didn't have it that bad.

I would love to give advice to other kids who are having this problem. Just block there email, and try to ignore it. Try blocking it out of your mind, do something you like to do to get your mind off of it and have fun. This is why I became a Teenangel, to help other kids in need of help when it comes to internet safety. Being a Teenangel is going to be a great experience for me because I love helping other people. Also because I will meet lots of new kids who might want to be friends.

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