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Give a SN, Get a SN

A couple of years ago I was on AIM and checking my e-mail, a regular everyday routine when I received a message from a screen name I didn’t recognize. I accepted the request and got a “hey, what’s your name?” This was a little strange since I was ready to ask the same question. I figured that having my screen name meant that this person knew my name but, I guess not. I didn’t answer the question, I asked the same question and got in return, “I asked you first, where do you live?” This was enough to tell me that this was not someone I wanted to interact with. I exited the conversation and signed off. I figured if this was someone who knew me and needed to talk, he or she would call or try again later. That call never came and I was not bothered on AIM again.

It was not cool, being IMed like this and asked personal questions by a stranger online. I felt uncomfortable and so I stopped our conversation and signed off. Now, when I give my screen name to someone I ask for theirs in return in order to be sure that I’ll recognize the screen name requesting conversation when I sign online later. I learned my lesson and I hope you’ll take something from my experience too.

Until next time...

Teenangel Katie

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