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What are Teenangels? We are pleased that you asked!

Teenangels are a group of thirteen to eighteen year old volunteers that have been specially trained in all aspects of online safety, privacy and security. After completion of the required training, the Teenangels run unique programs in schools to spread the word about responsible and safe surfing to other teens and younger kids, parents, and teachers.

They write columns for Web sites and become expert public speakers and researchers. They work with companies like Disney, Microsoft and AOL and are trained by law enforcement agencies; their tuition includes experience in making presentations to groups of students in schools and/or at community events.

Teenangels have even been to the House of Representatives in Washington D.C., for the WiredKids Summit, where they presented their research to a powerful and influential audience.

At the urging of our Teenangel volunteers, a special group of volunteers will be able to continue as Teenangels after they become eighteen years old and a new group of Tweenangels has been formed for those between seven and twelve years of age.

Teenangels was founded in 1999 by leading cyberlawyer Parry Aftab, Executive Director of - the world's largest online safety and help organization and 501(c)(3) corporation. Parry personally trains most of the Teenangels! However, once our training videos (on which Parry and other safety experts will appear) are complete, we will be able to train teens even in places Parry can't get to!

  • Photograph: Teenangel ShannonTeenangels Scrapbook:
    A record of Teenangels activities featuring cool things that they do, their articles on a broad range of online topics, an exciting gallery of photographs and a range of tips and tools that they have written and/or created themselves. More >>


  • Featured Article: Making the Internet a Safer Place by Teenangel Alexa
    The Internet can be an extremely useful tool. However, sometimes it is misused and taken advantage of. As Teenangels, our job is to help spread ideas about how to keep the Internet safe for everyone who uses it. More >>

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