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10th Annual WiredKids Summit

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New Rochelle Teenangels on Internet Safety: Casi L.

1. We Teenangels have lots of tips, but in my opinion these two are the most important: 1) Keep everything private. Any personal information, what you like to do, and where you like to hang out can give a predator clues about who you are. 2) Remember that anything you post on the Internet can stay on the Internet forever. Don't post anything you wouldn't want you parents, principal, the police, or predators to see.

2. Along with my chapter, I do individual and group research to find out the dangers of new types of technology used by kids and teens. Then, we think of ways to spread the information - we create and give presentations to students, teachers, and parents, write tip lists, and think of ways to help kids remember how to keep themselves safe.

3. I think our efforts are very, very effective. I've spoken with people my chapter has done presentations for and they really remembered the Internet safety tips and information we were speaking about.

Teenangel Casi L.

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