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New Rochelle Teenangels on Internet Safety: Gianna

a) Think twice before you say or do anything online
b ) Be vague in online profiles
c) always morph pictures on profiles and never put pictures with drinking, drugs or provactive poses online.
d) always be considerate of not only your safety but the safety of your friend
e) remember that the tone of voice you are using can't be heard from what your typing online so make sure to be clear
f) If someone is harassing you online, always tell a trusted adult

2. As Teenangels we present our research to large groups of preteens, teenagers, and parents. Our research is compiled into slide-shows, videos, pictures and many other types of media in a way that intrigues the specific audience we are presenting to without putting them to sleep.

3. I believe that our efforts are very effective. Although sometimes it may not seem like anyone was paying attention throughout the presentation or that nobody cares about what you are saying you always have a few people who come up to you and thank you for the presentation; Tell you how wonderful it was or how much they enjoyed learning about all of our research. Even if they don't thank you, by the questions they ask, you know that this has made an impact on their lives and they will go home that night and tell their families about it and start truly thinking about what they are writing online.

Teenangel Gianna

Kate D. Glanna C. Kate Casi L. Gianna

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