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10th Annual WiredKids Summit

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New Rochelle Teenangels on Internet Safety: Glanna C.

1. Chances are you are communicating or are in view of people that you’ve never been introduced to offline, so keep your information vague [that includes pictures as well as dialogue]. Be smart?Be aware of the kinds of people you may encounter on the Internet.

2. During camp I told some of my friends about me being a member of Teenangels and a few of them actually asked me some questions and told me concerns they had with their myspace and facebook pages. I was happy to give them some tips and think I actually did help.

3. Well, I half expected them to make fun of me for being the Internet “safety police”. Quite the contrary; as I explained about site policies, settings, and cyber bullying stories they showed a genuine interest and realized things they needed to change on their pages. I think they probably did become more in tune while on myspace/facebook but I’m worried that others will wait for something to happen before they make the necessary changes. I think the cyber bullying/ online predator stories are the most effective because they make the dangers more real.

Teenangel Glanna C.

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