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New Rochelle Teenangels on Internet Safety: Kate D.

1. Some of the Internet tips I can give to teens include: keep personal information off the Internet (i.e. last name, locations, detailed descriptions, etc.), blur or distort pictures posted on the Internet (i.e. remove the background from a picture or change the lighting features around), be sure to know (in person) who it is you are talking to on-line, never make plans to meet a stranger in person (i.e. it is never a good idea to agree to meet someone who you have never met in person).

2. I am a Teenangel, so I take part in traveling to different areas (mostly schools) to discuss the importance of Internet safety. Being a Teenangel, one is required to do a couple of projects each year which include extensive research and the creation of different powerpoints and other computer-related projects. These projects are occasionally used when speaking to students and/or adults about the Internet, its dangers, and the importance of safety when using it.

3. I feel that our efforts are effective because of the interactive questions we are able to answer for students and parents when making presentations. The Teenangels organization only keeps growing and that gives me the sense that we are making a difference and will keep trying too.

Teenangel Kate D.

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